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Allentown Shower Remodeling

A new shower is the perfect addition to your Allentown bathroom. From comfort to style and efficiency, a new shower will bring your home all that and more. Alliance Restorations is a leading provider of shower remodeling in Allentown since 2020. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing shower, install a brand new one, or even convert a tub into a shower, Alliance Restorations is the right team for the job! 

Here are some signs that it’s time to schedule shower remodeling in Allentown: 

  • Showerhead is leaking or rusty 
  • Shower base is leaky, discolored, or cracked 
  • Shower backsplash is peeling or warping 
  • Style is outdated or no longer matches your bathroom 

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons you might consider remodeling your shower. For example, some homeowners would prefer a bath to a shower, or may want to convert their standing shower stall into a tub-and-shower combo. Whatever the case, we have a shower solution that is sure to meet your practical needs and style! 

Questions about remodeling your shower in Allentown? Simply dial (484) 375-5331 to have your questions answered by one of our friendly and knowledgeable remodelers! 

5-Star Shower Remodeling in Allentown by Alliance Restorations

Remodeling your shower is an exciting way to improve the comfort and style of your home. Here at Alliance Restorations, we’ve been in the Lehigh Valley shower remodeling business for over 20 years, so you can trust that we know our stuff! From the first phone call to the final walkthrough, we’ll make sure your every need is met and that you have a streamlined, enjoyable shower remodeling experience. 

When you’re ready to start shower remodeling in Allentown, you can reach the team at Alliance Restorations at (484) 375-5331 or via the form on our website.

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Sale Ends Soon 08-01-2024

$750 OFF

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