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Allentown Replacement Roof

No roof lasts forever, so sooner or later there will come a time when your old roof needs an upgrade. And when that time comes, you can count on Alliance Restorations to provide you with a sturdy, stylish replacement roof. 

Here at Alliance Restorations, we’ve been in the roofing business for over 20. During that time, we’ve installed replacement roofs of all different sizes, materials, and slopes. From traditional asphalt to contemporary metal and everything in between, we’ve seen it all and worked on it too! You can trust that our roofing team has the expert-level training, experience, and licensure to ensure that your replacement roof lasts for many years to come! 

Advantages of Allentown Replacement Roofs by Alliance Restorations

When the time comes to get a replacement roof in Allentown, you can look forward to many benefits from getting your roof from Alliance Restorations. From curb appeal to weather-resistance and overall style, our team strives to deliver an all-around excellent roofing replacement! 

  • Weather resistance: Old roofs are susceptible to drafts and leaks which lead to water damage and mildew inside your house. A replacement roof by Alliance Restorations will ensure your roof is leak-proof, airtight, and weather resistant for many years to come.
  • Dependability: Our Allentown replacement roofers use high-quality, long-lasting roofing materials maximize the lifespan of your new roof and minimize repairs. 
  • Curb appeal: Older roofs are often marred by missing shingles and mildew, so a replacement roof is sure to restore the curb appeal and style of your home.
  • Energy efficiency: New roofs are built with the latest and greatest of energy efficient technology, which means you can look forward to better insulation, less heat loss, and lower energy bills. 

Questions about your replacement roofing in Allentown? Let us help! Our roofers are happy to answer any questions you may have–just call us at (484) 375-5331!

Trusted Replacement Roofs in Allentown

When you’re ready to get your complimentary inspection and estimate for replacement roofing in Allentown, simply call Alliance Restorations at (484) 375-5331 or submit the form on our website. We’re excited to help you with your roofing project! 

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Sale Ends Soon 06-01-2024

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